For most of us, we do not have much in-depth knowledge of the working of an electrical system of our house. And we happily think that because the entire house is lighted up nicely, there are no interruptions in the switches, or appliances and so on our systems are running just fine. Well, it does not mean there are zero issues. There can be hidden issues that if not checked, can amplify and turn into disasters. Relax, we do not mean to push the red button.

Such things can lead to unnecessary troubles with some major disruptions happening. Especially the older houses, around 40 or more years, are at more risk if in all those years there was no electrical inspection done or no wire upgradation.

The problem with wiring older than 40 years or so is that the conductors are made up of aluminium and not copper. However, in recent times, aluminium wires have only industrial application and not residential.

Now, the question arises, that if there is any fault or the wiring is such old then do the entire system needs an upgradation? To be very honest, yes, the entire system will need to be changed. It is a challenging and time consuming task but every dollar spent will be worth it because the existing wires might be old and won out which can pose danger. If you do not know already then let us educate you that many house fires are a result of an old and unattended wiring. On top of it, they can also lead to frequent power outages.

So what are the sigs that give a clear red signal of wiring deterioration?

  • Constant or frequent fuse tripping
  • Flicking lights
  • Dimming of lights
  • Mild shocks in the appliances
  • Small sparks
  • Burning odours from appliances

Moreover, if there are no Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, then you definitely need to change the wiring. Any ungrounded outlet throughout the house requires you to implement the same solution.

Check with an expert as you might not always need a complete wiring upgrade. Sometimes, changes in few components will rectify and resolve the issue. Get a proper inspection done. At GreenTech, we have trained and experienced Electricians who have been doing the inspection job since years now providing services in many houses in Roxburgh Park, Greenvale and so on.

They can help you with replacing of old wires with the modern ones. It will have great benefits for your house including your safety. It would prevent any sort of electrical hazard like shocks or fires. Henceforth, you can make significant energy savings and consequently, cut down power expenses. There will be reduced electrical repairs.

Thus, if you really want to ensure the safety of your family and house, this one a serious matter and we recommend you give it a thought. For any help, we are just a call away.