Going to mess with the tripped circuit breaker can be dangerous if you don’t know what and why you are facing this tripping problem. If you don’t know about electronics we suggest you contact us. The circuit breaker is designed to trip when they detect any fault that can cause a bigger electrical problem. Something can be seriously wrong with the wires as to its overloading of current. A circuit breaker shuts or trips off the electrical flow to protect the main circuit from overheating issues or from an electrical fire. There is nothing to worry about but it is better to be safe and contact an electrician in Greenvale. Before you decide to switch the breaker on again, take a moment to identify the root cause of the tripping.

The most typical issues that cause tripping problems are:

  1. Short Circuit.
  2. Overloaded Circuit.
  3. Ground Fault.

The most common reason for a tripping issue is the circuit overloading. It means that there are too many heavy power consuming devices running at the same time on the same circuit. For example, you have a 20amp circuit and you are running 25amp worth of electricity through the same circuit. To prevent overheating the circuit breaker will trip in this situation.

There are three solutions:

  • Contact an electrician in Greenvale.
  • Turn of the devices that are running on that circuit.
  • Redistribute the power on another circuit (take your iron into another room).

Another cause can be an overheating device because an overheating device pulls more amps than normal which cause the circuit to overload. It is better to contact an electrician in Mickleham to avoid more problems.

The next cause can be short a circuit which is an extremely dangerous situation. A short circuit is a situation where a hot wire touches a neutral or another hot wire in one of the outlets. When this happens a greater number of current flows which create more heat the circuit can handle, so it trips off. These problems can become very serious anytime so it is better to contact an Electrician in Mickleham rather try to do it by yourself.

A ground fault is just like a short circuit because it happens when a hot wire touches the bare copper (ground wire) on one of the sides of the metal box which is linked to the ground wire.Again if this is the situation call an electrician in Wollert right away and do not try to check the electrical boards by yourself. It is important for everyone to use ground fault circuit interrupters or contact a Professional electrician in Wollert to make your home safe.

We suggest you to call us so we send our highly professional and trained electricians to your home. Do not take a risk, if you are not sure which of the problems is causing a tripping issue. Relax and leave your problem in expert hands of your most trusted electricians at GreenTech Electrics today!