Can you imagine your life without electricity? Not really. It has made our lives easier. And you know every coin has two sides. Similarly, while there are plenty of benefits that electricity brings to us, we are prone to face electrical issues at any point. You know that it is dangerous to deal with electricity without safety measures. So, if the electrical problems are not dealt with professionally then they can turn out to pose major threat.

The good part is there is enough expertise and maintenance knowledge associated with the use of electricity. Yes, many experienced electricians are dedicated to this job where they cater to the services ranging from residential to industrial electricity maintenance. Also, almost every domestic electrical problem can be recognised easily which implies that protective measures may be taken to resolve any such issues on time.

Let us look at the most common electricity problems your house may be susceptible to:

Flickering of lights

Haven’t we all faced this sort of situation at least once? Flickering of lights is something that you might definitely be aware about. It can indicate a faulty bulb or flaw in the wiring system. If this is a persistent scenario, you must not shrug it off.

Burning Smell

You will get a burning odour if there is some faulty wiring. You need to check the wiring immediately. If such is the case, you must switch off the entire house’s power supply and get it repaired.

Sparks and heavy surges

Sudden electrical spikes can occur during rainy season. A thunderstorm is dangerous and you can experience heavy surges for a short duration of time. They are almost always sudden and can cause severe damage to your electrical appliances if your house doesn’t have proper grounding and protection. You can always install surge protector.

Overloaded Circuit

Your house definitely has a power board and its circuit can become overloaded. There are so many appliances running on electricity. We tend consume electricity 24*7 at home, be it a simple refrigerator that is running while everyone at your home might be out. So, to avoid circuit overloading, make sure you unplug the electrical devices that are not in use. Avoid using too much of extension boards and double adapters.

Faulty Circuit Breaker

You must be aware that there is a small safety switch to safeguard the appliances which is also known as a circuit breaker. It stops the overloading of your appliance. If it is damaged, it will not trigger any break in the circuit and hence, will not provide any essential protection. It might also result into a fire. Therefore, ensure to fix it without delay.

An electrician can perform the audit of your home perfectly and warn you about any supposed hazard waiting to happen, consequently, assuring safety measures. At GreeTech Electrics, our electricians are available 24/7 at various localities even at Greenvale. They will provide you with the right inspection of your house’s electrical status.