Planning to renovate or upgrade your home? Need Rewiring in your office or home? Here at Greentech Electrics we have you covered, all of your rewiring requirements and also builder temporary pole melbourne. We do partial and complete rewiring, whether a small or a big project, call us anytime and we will get an electrician at any Melbourne location.

Complete electrical rewiring is generally a long procedure, but is critically important to maintain safety. The time and cost required for rewiring a house depend upon the size and number of power points or switches and the electrical circuit layout. Electrical rewiring of your home won’t stop your life. We try to complete the job within 2-3 days and our electrician clean up after every day work so your home is functional.

Rewiring is necessary as after many years an electrical system can deteriorate and become dangerous to use. If you are experiencing any wiring issues, contact experts as it may pose a safety problem.