Electrical Power Pole Service in Australia

Greentech Electrics specializes in meeting your domestic or commercial temporary power pole needs. Whether underground or overground, single-phase or three-phase, our electric pole installers provide comprehensive solutions. Our builder’s temporary pole hire includes electrical pole rental, safety certification, inspection fee, and installation services.

Your construction site always depends on power to function and run each tool and equipment at all times. We are your local experts to keep the temporary electrical poles working for you. We do safe installations for domestic, commercial and industrial, single to 3 phase poles to your site. We do overhead connection or underground connection with a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES). All of our installations are inspected and tested.

Overhead Single-Phase Power Pole

Used on most domestic building sites where there is an overhead power supply.

Lead time for installation connections is approximately 1 To 14 working days.

$25 + GST per week hire (minimum 26-week hire)

Total Min. Price $1300 + GST, installation and removal of power pole plus 26 weeks pole hire.

Overhead Three Phase Power Pole

Three phase power poles are perfect for larger construction sites where there is a larger demand for power ie. for cranes, welding machines and dewatering.

Price $1700 + GST, price includes installation and removal of power pole, plus first 26 weeks pole hire.

$30 + GST pole hire per week after initial 26 weeks.

For more details, please contact us today. Call David on 0414 700 024