As a modern and informed home-owner, we all know the importance of energy. While most of the source of energy we use are non renewable, it calls for a more responsible behaviour from our end when it comes to utilisation of it. This brings us to find and embrace lower costs and higher performance. If you ask the expert GreenTech electricians in Strathmore, Campbellfield & Essendon, they will also encourage you to go about that way.
Thus, here we are discussing about the methods and benefits of improving the home efficiency. The first thing to strike your minds will obviously be lighting upgrades – a simplest way to achieve efficiency. Let us delve deeper into what perks do energy efficient lighting bring to you.

CFL and LED Lights

Logically speaking, what can really save energy or help for its efficient utilisation? It’s simple. It can either be a product or an appliance which uses less power and delivers higher performance. There are lighting solutions like CFL fixtures. Also, LED serves the purpose.

In fact, it is one o f the most viable and widely available option. LED means Light Emitting Diodes that generate light without producing heat. So, the problem of heat with the traditional incandescent bulbs is solved. The element that those bulb utilised to produce electricity caused equal amount of heat generation. Hence, they were inefficient; most power lost due to heat rather than converting to light.

Secondly, CFL which are Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are also highly good at the job. However, they have lesser life span and can’t compete to the overall performance of an LED. Yet, it is one better option than the traditional bulbs.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Lighting

Reduced Energy Costs

Both the LED and CFL are proven to consume lesser energy when compared to the incandescent bulbs. LED uses tenth or lesser wattage and CFL on an average eighth. So, while lighting up your entire house or outdoor area that is a significant upgrade you’ll be making.

Longer Life Spans

No need to change the bulbs time and again. Not to remind you of the most annoying thing – a bulb going off while you are hosting a special occasion at home. Also, buying the bulb periodically adds to the expenses. The energy efficient option might at first cost you slightly more upon purchase, but they easily outlive the conventional bulbs. Thus, at the end you are saving yourself from doing a lot of tasks.

Better Stability

The weather cannot always be predictable. So, for extreme temperatures, CFL and LED work far better. They do not tend to fail in scorching heat or heavy winter weather. Conversely, they produce less heat and save on the cooling costs in summers.

Environment Friendly

Just at the start we mentioned the importance of using energy responsibly and it brings us to another higher issue, that of our environment. Eco-friendly things need to be adapted for our sustainable future. When these products consume less power, it helps in reducing the carbon footprint. And you are one step forward to bettering the environment.

Of course, we do not expect you to be master of every little detail about electricity and that is why we are here. If you need a professional electrician in Campbellfield, Strathmore, or Essendon, then just make a quick call on 0414 700 024. We are available 24 * 7!