Electricity has become an integral part of our lives. It has blended into our daily needs so well that we become quite restless during a power cut. Everything is running smooth. But, have you taken into consideration what you should do if you are going on a vacation, leaving your home behind? It is significant to check and ensure electrical safety while you are leaving the house for a long period of time.

“Precaution is better than cure.“, the saying is so apt here. It is better to take electrical precautions to reduce the various possible hazards.

You can perform some basic checks and steps to ensure safety.

Unplug all the electrical appliances

Before leaving for your vacation, make sure that you switch of all the non-essential appliances. Take of the plugs unless it is absolutely essential to leave them plugged in. We recommend you switch of the refrigerator too. Double check the geyser, AC switches. Also, do not leave the iron or your straightener attached to the socket.

Establish safety by using timers

You probably do not want to let it be clear that you are away from home for a longer duration. For safety purpose, you can set the lights to switch on and off at some interval of time. Make sure that you set the timers wisely.

Check if the essential appliances are in working condition

If you are going to set your television or radio to switch on as per the timer then make sure that they are in a good working condition. Replace any faulty light or other electrical equipment inside your house. It only takes a small spark to let the fire go wild.

A fully functional Smoke Alarm to the rescue

Always double check the working of your smoke alarm. Check if the batteries need to be changed and do so right away. For better safety, you can let your trusted neighbour know that you will be away from home and in case they hear the smoke alarm then they can call the right number for help.

Ensuring all these safety measures will help you enjoy your vacation. Just make a last minute check of all your rooms, switches and even the main switch board.

Moreover, the regular safety precautions can also go a long way in keeping your home safe.

  • Clean up your appliances regularly to clear the settled dirt and grease.
  • Never pull off any plug when the switch is on. Always switch off the appliance before plugging it off.
  • In case you have more power outlets than the plugs then a licensed electrician can install the extra power outlets for you.
  • Unwound the extension board while using one and protect them from extreme external weather and also over-heating.

A perfect safety check can be done by our experienced electricians as well. A regular cleaning, checking and maintenance of your electrical appliance can reduce the risk of electrical faults.

At GreenTech Electrics, we perform professional Electrical safety audits and can detect any hidden hazard waiting to happen. Our experts will also provide you with a complete report and recommendations to boost safety. We are the most Trusted Electricians in Roxburgh Park. Want to conduct a thorough safety audit of your home? Call us right away!