Electrical hazards when they occur are usually very expensive in terms of damages done to lives and property. People, therefore, see a good reason to inspect the home’s electrical installations. However due to lack of curiosity or the boldness to question a professional, residents get hit with hidden fees and worse still they get an undervalue service for what they pay.

Here, we will educate the reader as to what are the right questions to ask the electrician who wants to do an inspection in your home. We also encourage that you go ahead and encourage yourself to ask because it is your money and life that are at stake here.


Before people higher anyone in any field at all, they always make sure that such person has had at least some amount of education in that field. In the electrical field, however, it is of essence that whoever wants to handle the safety inspection of your home should have significant practical experience.

This is because the very experienced technician should have seen a lot of complications that may be possible and would, therefore, possess more knowledge on how to keep you safe. In addition to being able to solve more problems, the experienced technician realizes the need for delivering a performance of high quality as well as the need for good customer service. By asking about his years of experience on the job, you would be able to determine his level of qualification to handle your task.


If one is good enough to be held to a particular standard by the regulatory bodies then it means he is trustworthy. If he is good enough to be given an electrical contractor’s license, then you can rest assured that he is at least educated and qualified to give high-quality safety inspection.


While conducting an inspection, it is highly likely that replacement or repairs of some sort would take place so it is usually wise to ask if there any warranties on the replaced products and repair services and if yes, how long is this said period. Even though electrical works can be unpredictable, a reliable technician would give some warranty on services rendered because they are confident of their quality.


It goes without saying that you need to know if the electricians will be available to complete your work in the time that you need it to be done.


This seems obviously important but goes unasked by many people and as a result, they end up paying more than they budgeted. It is wise to ask for estimates of cost of services and incidental repairs before the inspection begins so you can have a good idea on what you expect to spend at the end of the day so to be sure you can afford it before the job begins.

There are so many more questions you should ask but you need not when you contact our electricians in Epping, Craigeburn and wollert. At Greentech Electrics we give you high-quality services which answer all your questions even before you ask them.