Flickering of light can occur for many reasons and can be a source of serious annoyance to the residents of the house. It should also be known that flickering lights can serve as signals for other things happening in the electrical system of one’s home the most important of all being signal to threats to the safety of the residents of the household. In this post we will see what and what could cause this phenomenon and the right steps to take as well as what you would benefit from taking those right steps.

Why do lights flicker?

The most common occurrence of light flickering is the situation where the flicker is confined to the light in a particular room. When this happens, most often than not, it is the light bulb itself that is bad or the socket of the bulb. Note that it could less commonly mean that there is a problem with the circuits.

Sometimes this flash or flickering can occur when an appliance with large surge is turned on. A very good example of such appliance is an outdoor air con unit. This dimness of light that occurs to enable the ac unit start its operation is due to the fact that a lot of energy being supplied to the household is drawn by the unit reducing what is left for other light appliances at that instant. This flickering is usually temporary and should last for seconds only. The ac unit may also not be properly wired for maximum amperage.

Light flickers that occur without turning on any appliance could mean that there is a problem with the electrical panel or meter. As you can see there are various reasons why lights flicker it is therefore important to know the right thing to do at each instance.


If confined to a room then you should try to change the bulb because most often it is the bulb that is bad. If it doesn’t work then you should try changing the socket. If the flickering persists then the problem is with the circuitry which may require the expertise of a professional electrician. If the light is fluorescent then the first thing to do should be to locate and change the starter. If it doesn’t work next thing to do is change the ballast. But it is usually more economical to change the entire set than changing the ballast alone.

The light flickers that occur with the turning on of appliances cannot be eliminated but that flicker can be made to be less obvious by using LED instead of fluorescent lights.

If you discover that the problem is with the meter or the electric panel then you definitely need the services of a professional electrician in Epping, Wollert or Craigeburn.

Benefits of Doing Something about the Flickers

Well, first you save yourself from getting annoyed anytime the flickers occur then you also discover any other issues that may threaten the safety of lives and property before it gets out of hands.

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