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There’s a lot of talk about ‘home automation’going around, so what exactly do these terms mean?These are the integrated system within your home that gives you control over the way you live.

Home security systems can control most of the systems in your home with your smart phone or device. We can automate your home security in new or existing electrical framework. Our expert technicians also offer a regular home automation service and maintenance, to make your systems work efficiently. Keep your home more secure. To find out more about home automation and security, call us today on 0414 700 024


Melbourne is such a beautiful city, but crime can occur anywhere. We completely understand the importance of home safety and security. CCTV


Who’s at the front door? To know this home alarm system and CCTV installation is a must. At Greentech Electrics, we’re proud


Intercom systems are best situated for residences. Greentech Electrics provide intercom installation, wiring and repair services in Melbourne at an affordable price.